What makes us stick out amongst the trees is that we are a harmonious, effective group, not a bunch of randomly selected freelancers who are managed remotely. We have a common goal that we aspire to with 100% commitment. We work together from our office in Cracow.

We achieve synergy by combining different skills mastered by our specialists. We compliment the competences of one another and so we are able to effectively carry out any medium-sized or big project.

Key competences of the team:

  • Drupal Back-end
  • Front-end
  • Project management
  • Agile/SCRUM

Our team

FotoTomasz Gawlowski



Still young inside, but also very experienced. He started his adventure with IT back when an internet connection cost more than a can of Coca-Cola at the airport.

Key comepetences: Drupal Back-end, Project management

Foto szczepan


Senior Drupal Developer

Our local Drupal guru. If any team member does not know something, “the Chinchilla” will smile and explain the thing to him (or even more than that).

Key comepetences: Drupal Back-end

Foto Patrycja


Project Manager

Does a PM have to know technology? Supposedly not. But ours does and we are very happy that’s the case. Working with Patrycja is pure pleasure.

Key comepetences: Project Management

Foto Krzysztod


Drupal Developer

What a guy! He left genetics to take up programming. And we think he’s had it in his DNA all along.

Key comepetences: Drupal Back-end

Foto Darek


Drupal Front-End Developer

Our front-end specialist for HTMLs, CSSs, JSs and so on. He earned his stripes at one of the biggest Polish IT companies. But he likes us more. :)

Key comepetences: Drupal Front-end

Foto Sasza


Junior Drupal Builder

The youngest of our colleagues started her adventure with Drupal only half a year ago, but she is already a seasoned pro builder. She can also handle front-end pretty well.

Key comepetences: Drupal Builder

Foto Kasia


Business Development Manager / Client Service Manager

She came to us from a big telecom company. So you probably already know her, and if not, then you will soon. :)

Foto Anna


Financial Administrator

Her head is in the clouds when it comes to physics and math (she studies both of those). She makes us stay on Planet Earth by controlling project budgets and our finances in general.

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