Meet the Abventor Team

Here at Abventor, we pride ourselves in putting our clients' needs first. If our team members are working on your business, they can speak to each other face to face, in the same office, here in Krakow. We know each other by name, and we can sit around the table and brainstorm about your business as and when required. How many other companies can say that in a world of remote working and faceless colleagues on the end of a phone on the other side of the world or a computer screen?

Because our team members come from diverse backgrounds, we can bring a wide array of skills to the table when working on your business. Our skills and personalities complement each other, allowing us to facilitate and diversify the size and type of project that we can work on successfully.

Nasz team

Drupal Back-end
Project management

Out Team



Tomasz is a man of two worlds; he brings youthful energy to a project, as well as several years of experience. Tomasz's IT journey began back in the days when an internet connection would cost you more than a can of Coca-Cola at the airport.

Key competences:
Big Picture Project Management


Senior Drupal Developer

Szczepan is the guru of all things Drupal. If Szcepan doesn't know the answer to a Drupal question, then it isn't worth knowing. Nothing makes her smile more than her beloved Drupal software.

Key competences:
Drupal Back-end


Project Manager

How often do meet an awesome Project Manager, who not only knows about management but also knows about technology? Not often I hear you say. Well, our Patrycja sure does. That's what makes working with her so easy for our team. She just gets it.

Key competences:
Project Management


Drupal Developer

Believe it or not, Krystof left a career in genetics to take up computer programming. That must explain why programming in his DNA!

Key competences:
Drupal Back-end


Drupal Front-End Developer

Darek is our front end (interface) specialist. He's the guy who writes all the lovely HTML, CSS, JS, and other codes that make the magic happen. He earned his stripes at one of the biggest IT companies in Poland. But he likes us more.

Key competences:
Front-End Developer


Junior Drupal Back-end Developer

Richard is a more recent addition to the team, and he develops the Drupal back end side of the work. Outside of work, Richard plays in a rather cool band called 'The Girls'. He's really talented.

Key competences:
Drupal Back-end


Business Development Manager / Client Service Manager

Kasia came to us after working for a large telecommunications company. Chances are you've come across her already in her former role, but if you haven't then you soon will.


Financial Administrator

Her head is in the clouds when it comes to physics and math (she studies both of those). She makes us stay on Planet Earth by controlling project budgets and our finances in general.